How is libuv used in NodeJS?

I hear libuv is underlying C library that makes the event loop work?



libuv is a standardized library for working with native OS async interfaces. it was originally developed for Node.js....

libuv is now used by other event driven languages. It operates by implementing a single threaded loop that listens for network connections. It also implements additional worker threads that handle file i/o and other things that don't have commonly shared implementations across different os.


libuv is central to NodeJs. It implements the event loop that every talks about and is FUNDAMENTAL to node's ability to handle non-blocking i/o with a "single thread"...while many debate whether or not node is single threaded is a completely different discussion but ultimately libuv provides a mechanism for utilizing fewer threads than more traditional tcp server (java apache) etc


libuv is everything. NodeJs just raises JavaScript events based on the libuv event loop.


libuv was written for NodeJs. It's not like Node cherry picked libuv as a library to use in it's development. libuv is the lower level language that makes interacting with the underlying OS kernal possible. libuv not only implements the nodejs event loop, it also implements the additional worker threads and interfaces for working with the underlying system.